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Signs of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a beautiful city with very recognizable signs. From movies and tv shows, to documentaries and magazine photos, the signs of Los Angeles have been ingrained in our culture and our psyche. Here are a few you may recognize. The Beverly Hills sign is synonymous with wealth, beauty, and class. This Los Angeles sign was heavily featured on “Beverly Hills 90210” and remains one of the most photographed signs in Los Angeles. When driving up to the Los Angeles International Airport around dusk is a beautiful scene. The colored sky and the planes whizzing by make a beautiful backdrop for this famous Los Angeles sign. LAX, one of the busiest airports in the country showcases this neat 3D sign that can be seen from many angles. The Sunset Blvd. sign in Los Angeles shows one of the busiest streets in LA. This street showcases famous clubs, comedy lounges, restaurants, museums and more. Possibly the most famous sign in Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign is one of the most recognizable signs in the world. Originally built in 1923, this monument has gone through numerous renovations in the past 90 years. It was most recently refurbished in 2005.

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Los Angeles Vehicle Signs

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Los Angeles Entry Signs

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Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

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Channel Letter Signs in Los Angeles

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Hanging Signs in Los Angeles

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ANGL Sign at Universal CityWalk

We are proud to say that we manufactured and installed one of the coolest (in our opinion) signs at CityWalk in Universal Studios. The owners wanted to make a statement and create a beautiful sign that would sparkle and out shine all the signs in the area. We created this beautiful sign at our factory in Los Angeles and used numerous cranes and lifting equipment to install this elaborate sign. Please take a look and let us know what you think!

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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps Los Angeles  We get a lot of questions about vehicle wraps in Los Angeles from our customers and we decided to post the most frequently asked questions here! Q: What kind of ink is appropriate for my vehicle wrap? A: Its long been thought that solvent inks are the only inks that should be used on vehicle wraps. Historically, solvent and mild or eco-solvent inks are the most commonly used and perform with high marks. Traditionally, UV inks have had issues with drying time and cracking with wrap projects; however , the industry changes rapidly and many vinyl and ink companies have been working to overcome these obstacles. According to some users and industry professionals, UV-curable ink formulations are much improved with regard to stretchability, and some are advocating its use with Los Angeles vehicle wrap applications. Q: What type of vinyl should I consider using for my vehicle wrap? A: There is a list of things that must be evaluated when choosing a vinyl. Among them are consistency, durability, quality, compatibility, removability, and of course cost. Check reports and reviews about issues with bubbling, printing and cracking. Ask questions about the warranty of the vinyl. Compare the cost as it relates to quality. It also doesn’t hurt to try out a few different options to determine what is most comfortable to you. One main school of thought is to avoid calendered vinyl and instead use cast, even when installing on a flat surface or short-term application. Also, If you’re … Continue reading

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The Famous HOLLYWOOD Sign

The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles is probably one of the most famous signs in the world. It is an international icon that symbolizes Los Angeles and entertainment industry. The Hollywood sign was built in 1923 as an advertisement, but became a permanent fixture in Los Angeles and continues to be LA’s most recognized monument.

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The Company     Signcomm, Inc. (Est. since 1991) is a full-service sign company located in the heart of Korea Town in Los Angeles, CA. Our company has been a leader in the sign fabrication since 1991, bringing new standards in the sign industry. We’re sign designers, builders, installers – people who take pride in our work, who combine technological expertise with the values of craftsmanship to bring our customers the finest design, quality fabrication, installation, and maintenance. Signcomm, Inc. will build any signage systems needed to meet all your requirements. If you are serious about looking for well designed, innovative, highest quality and yet at a competitive price signage, you are invited to browse through our home page ( or to find out more. Our Goals At Signcomm, Inc., we strive to provide our customers with high-quality, functional and aesthetically-pleasing signs. We are using quality materials, advanced fabrication technologies, the skill, the expertise, and the dedication of our professionals to develop the best signage. We will work to ensure that your signage works for you. Our Facility Our manufacturing facility is located in the heart of Los Angeles. We have the most skillful and experienced craftsmen, the right tools and plenty of space (10,000 sq.ft) to design and build beautiful custom signs for all your needs. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus vel massa quis est consectetur venenatis sit amet at turpis. Sed sed eros vel justo ultricies dignissim nec a urna. Ut pretium ornare velit, dapibus … Continue reading

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